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ECT 32 - Most Popular Boxes

Selecting the right size box for your shipment is essential for ensuring that your items arrive safely at their destination.  With an in-stock selection of high-quality 32 ECT shipping cartons in over 1,000 sizes, Wrap-N-Pack makes it easy to find exactly what you need! [MORE]These are our most popular cardboard cartons and are perfect for packaging any and all items you need to ship.

Cardboard Shipping Cartons in 1,000+ Sizes!

Search for your 32 ECT shipping carton by box length below. All are in stock now and ready for immediate delivery!

  • Constructed from strong 32 ECT corrugated material
  • Full inside dimensions - always true to size
  •  65 lb. gross weight capacity
  • Premium grade Iron Ox brand cartons offered at no additional cost. Look for boxes marked "Select"
  • Custom Print your Stock Box. Look for boxes marked "Printable"


Wrap-N-Pack can customize any corrugated box to meet your exact specifications.  No minimum quantity.  Fast turnaround.