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Protective Paper Wraps

For worry-free shipments of fragile items, choose earth-friendly protective wraps from Wrap-N-Pack.  From traditional paper wadding to the innovative Geami Paper System, our protective wrapping solutions are eco-friendly, easy to use, and cost-effective.[MORE]

Geami Paper System and Wadding – Eco-Friendly Protective Wrapping Choices

Give your products the protection they need to arrive at their destinations free from damage. Both our wadding and Geami Paper System are superior protective wrapping options that are perfect for protecting fragile and odd-shaped products.  Our wadding is soft layered tissue paper that is perforated for convenience, while the Geami Paper System is ideal for high-speed, high-volume packaging on demand.  

Need assistance?  Contact our customer care team!  Our experts are knowledgeable about all our products and are happy to help you find the perfect solution for all your packaging needs.