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Protective Foam

Wrap-N-Pack has a full range of protective foam packaging solutions for your shipping and packaging needs. Choose foam corners, edge guards, and foam sheets for shock absorption; poly foam for cushioning; or convenient poly foam pouches for protecting small parts.[MORE] Our high-quality products are specially-designed to help ensure that your items arrive at their destinations free of damage.

Protective foam packaging is used to protect a packaged product during transport, specifically when it meets resistance. Adding protective foam to a product package ensures that there will be something to absorb the shock of movement, vibration, or compaction that will keep the product safe and undamaged.

For our protective foam packaging, we use a variety of materials, including EPS (expanded polystyrene), polyurethane and polyethylene. You will be satisfied knowing that our protective foam is very lightweight, ensuring that shipping costs stay as low as possible.

Foam Packaging and Cushioning Provide Protection & Support

Damaged products mean lost money. Give your shipments the extra support and protection they require with protective foam packaging from Wrap-N-Pack.  Our products provide cushioning and bracing and are ideal for fragile items, electronics, artwork, furniture, glass, and more.  Browse our large selection and order today!

Need assistance?  Contact our customer care team!  Our experts are knowledgeable about all our products and are happy to help you find the perfect solution for all your packaging needs.