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Mailing Tubes

Safely ship items such as artwork, blueprints, industrial metal rods and soft goods with mailing tubes from Wrap-N-Pack.  Our paper mailing tubes are made with strong 3-ply spiral wound construction and are available in a wide variety of lengths and diameters ranging in tube strength from lightweight to heavy duty.
These rigid tubes protect contents from all forms of shipping and storage abuse and are reusable and recyclable. [MORE]

We have a wide range of shipping tubes – custom sizes too!

At Wrap-N-Pack, we have a large selection of mailing tubes in a broad variety of sizes. Whether you are shipping a poster, a golf club, or industrial metal rods, our mailing tubes can safeguard your products and ensure their protection during shipping or storage.   

We want to help you find the perfect size mailing tubes for your requirements. If you do not find what you need in our in-stock selection, we are happy to manufacture custom mailing tubes to meet your specifications.