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Geami Environmentally Friendly Packaging



Geami’s GreenWrap is the combination of a patented expanding Die Cut paper with a tissue Interleaf resulting in a cost-efficient, protective packing material. 


The paper wrapping products are 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and are either Sustainable Forestry (SFI) certified or made using recycled content. 


The Paper Solution to a Plastic Problem

If you are looking for a cost-competitive replacement for the plastic materials that you are currently using, then GreenWrap is the ideal eco-friendly solution.


Unwrap the Benefits

  • Clean and Neat Presentation: eliminate the need for messy void fill
  • Reduces Packaging Costs: downsize your carton sizes
  • Reduces Warehouse Space: 5.71 pallets of paper is equal to 1 full truckload of bubble
  • Labor Saving: Quick and efficient by eliminating the need for tape
  • Environmentally Friendly: 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable 

There is a GreenWrap Product For All Your Packaging Needs:

Geami Ready Roll



GreenWrap READY ROLLS are ideal for smaller shippers and retail stores who pack less than 10 packages per day. The Ready Rolls are pre-expanded and allow users to start wrapping instantly.







Geami Mid Size

GreenWrap MID VOLUME is designed for shippers who pack approximately 10-50 packages per day. A tabletop dispenser operated by a foot pedal produces GreenWrapon demand. This allows you to take complete control of your packing station to maximize efficiency. 



Geami High Volume Machine


GreenWrap HIGH VOLUME is perfect for high volume shippers who require heavy duty uninterrupted use. The larger rolls minimize down time at your packing station while increasing productivity. A heavy duty throughput dispenser produces continuous GreenWrap on demand.


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