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When Wrap-N-Pack's CEO, Shelly, graduated from college, he went to work at the same company as his father, Gus, selling packaging materials.  Industrial packaging had always been in their genes - Shelly is a third generation packaging specialist.  It didn't take long for Shelly and Gus to realize that there was a need in the marketplace for a new type of industrial packaging distributor - one that was committed to selling high quality products, that was forthcoming with its prices and that considered a superior customer experience a top priority. Thus, the idea for their new company, Wrap-N-Pack, was born in 1977.

Their first office was in Shelly's childhood home.  As Shelly and Gus began to build the business, vendors visited this home.  Imagine the surprise on the vendors faces when they were ushered past the kitchen for a meeting.  Shelly and Gus revolutionized the packaging industry by selling true-to-size corrugated boxes from nationally recognized manufacturers and by standardizing pricing by publishing a price list - not commonly done back in the day.  They made a positive customer experience their top priority by guaranteeing that next day shipping became the norm, not the exception.

In 1979, Shelly and Gus moved into their first warehouse in Hicksville, NY and the rest, as they say, is history. Wrap-N-Pack in now located in Farmingdale, NY and their large warehouse stocks over 1,500 sizes of corrugated boxes and over 10,000 related packaging products.  Wrap-N-Pack has become an authorized dealer for many major manufacturers.  Over the years, Shelly and Gus have kept their commitment of excellence to their customers.

When Gus retired in 1989, Shelly continued to exceed expectations by growing the business in new and innovative ways.  Wrap-N-Pack has become the nations' largest on-site custom printer of off-the-floor corrugated boxes.  Shelly's latest and most exciting offering is manufacturing custom size corrugated boxes without a quantity requirement that are ready for fast and easy delivery.  Accepting the status quo is never an option at Wrap-N-Pack.


Wrap-N-Pack has been defining, refining and revolutionizing the packaging industry since 1977.  Our goal is to reduce your costs while maintaining the integrity of the product you are shipping.  We offer more than 1,500 sizes of in-stock corrugated boxes and a warehouse full of related shipping supplies and state-of-the-art packaging machines and equipment.  We are also dedicated to providing the most comprehensive authorized equipment maintenance and repair programs found anywhere.

Our highly trained customer care professionals and our experienced sales team are dedicated to providing innovative and cost effective solutions for all of your packaging needs.  We keep our promises, we do what we say, we never make excuses and we never accept the status quo. 

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