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Poly Tubing

The bags you want in the sizes you need are easy to make with poly tubing from Wrap-N-Pack.  In just seconds you can create custom bags – simply cut the polyethylene tubing to your desired length and heat seal as needed. [MORE] Not only is poly tubing simple, but it’s also cost-effective because it provides space-saving flexibility when the products you are packing vary in length.

Polyethylene Tubing in a Variety of Gauges

Rolls are available in standard, heavy duty, extra heavy duty, and super heavy duty gauges and range in widths from 1 ½" to 48". Anti-static choices are available as well. Accommodate items of all shapes and sizes with poly tubing from Wrap-N-Pack. Shop our large selection today!

Wrap-N-Pack can customize any poly tubing to meet your exact size specifications.